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Introduction Amino acid Protein Enzyme Nucleic acid

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[Cell01 life.PPT]

Life played two tricks to copy itself

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[Cell02 central.PPT]

Central dogma

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[Cell03 genome.PPT]


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[Cell04 chemistry.PPT]

Chemistry of life

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Amino Acid

[AA01 structure.PPT]

Basic structure and peptide bond

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[AA02 ionic.PPT]

Ionization and pKa of amino acids

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[Protein01 quaternary.PPT]

Hemoglobulin and quaternary structure

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[Enz01 catalysis.PPT]

Active site

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[Enz02 kinetics.PPT]

Enzyme kinetics: general view

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[Enz03 kinetic parameters.PPT]

Enzyme kinetics: Km & Vmax

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[Enz04 inhibition.PPT]

Enzyme inhibition

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[Enz05 competitive.PPT]

Kinetics: competitive inhibition

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[Enz06 chymo catalysis.PPT]

Chymotrypsin catalysis steps

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[Enz07 chymo site.PPT]

Chymotrypsin active site

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[Enz08 mechanism.PPT]

Catalysis mechanism & CPA

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[Enz09 specificity.PPT]

Specificity of enzyme catalysis

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[Enz10 regulation.PPT]

Enzyme regulation 

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[Enz11 molecular evolution.PPT]

Molecular evolution

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[Enz12 phosphorylation.PPT]

Phosphorylation and signal transduction

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[Enz13 allosteric.PPT]

Allosteric enzyme ACTase

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[Enz14 pathway.PPT]

Major metabolic pathway 

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[Enz15 cross talk.PPT]

Expression and cell cross-talk 

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[Enz16 purificaiton.PPT]

Protein purification methods

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[Enz17 proteomics.PPT]

Proteomics and mass spectroscopy 

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[Enz18 signal transduction.PPT]

Signal transduction (Ras vs. P53) 

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Nucleic Acid

[NA01 structure.PPT]

Structure of nucleotides

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[NA02 restriction.PPT]

Restriction digestion and ligation

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[NA03 expression.PPT]

mRNA transcription and antisense

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cDNA and genomic libraries

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[NA05 cloning.PPT]

Molecular cloning

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[NA06 denaturation.PPT]

Denaturation and renaturation of DNA

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[NA07 hybridization.PPT]

Hybridization by using probes

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[NA08 DNA sequencing.PPT]

DNA sequencing methods

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[NA09 mutagenesis.PPT]

Site-directed mutagenesis

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[mAb basics.PPT]

The production of monoclonal antibody

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