Institute of Biotechnology, College of Bio-Resources and Agriculture, National Taiwan University



啟德 教授 

Liu, Chi-Te (Assistant Professor)


專長︰環境微生物生態學 / 植物-微生物相互作用 / 土壌生物化學 / 生物信息學

Expertise: Environmental microbial ecology / Plant-microbe interactions / Soil biology and chemistry / Bioinformatics

連絡:生物科技所 412; Tel: 02-3366-6025~26

Contact: Room 412, 4F, No. 81, Chang-Xing St., Taipei, 106, Taiwan

Tel: 886-2-33666025~26

Fax: 886-2-33666001



2001~2004, 博士  東京大學 農學生命科學研究科應用生命化學專攻

1999~2001, 碩士  東京大學 農學生命科學研究科應用生命化學專攻 

1991~1995, 學士  國立台灣大學 農業化學系



2001~2004, Ph.D. Applied Biological Chemistry, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life, The University of Tokyo

1999~2001, M.Sc. Applied Biological Chemistry, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life, The University of Tokyo

1991~1995, B.Sc. Department of Agricultural Chemistry, College of Agriculture, National Taiwan University



2008/08~now  國立台灣大學 生物科技研究所 助理教授

2004~2008  東京大學 生物生產工學研究中心 博士後研究員

1999~2004  東京中華學校 高中化學科 兼任教師



2008~ now    Assistant Professor, Institute of Biotechnology, National Taiwan University

2004~2008    Project Researcher, Biotechnology Research Center, The University of Tokyo

1999~2004    Part-time teacher of Chemistry, Senior High School of Tokyo Chinese School




1. Incorporated Foundation of Interchange Association Scholarship, Japan. 2002~2004.

2. Tsuji Asia Scholarship Foundation, Japan. 2000~2002.

3. Ikebukuro Taiwanese Church Scholarship, Japan. 1999~2000.




1. Special Topics in Environmental Microbial Engineering

2. Molecular Signal Transduction in Plant-Microbe Interactions




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The University of Tokyo International Symposium, Tokyo, 2007.



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